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Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease (DK-MCD)

The DK-MCD offers an excellence PhD program that provides an in-depth, multidisciplinary training in biomedical research in a stimulating international environment. The thesis projects focus on aspects of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases that integrate basic research and clinically-oriented sciences utilizing a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art techniques.

Latest News

Congratulations to Wenmin Xia, Yidan Sun and Katharina Huber who successfully defended their PhD theses and completed their doctoral studies!

Latest Publications

Kien B, Grond S, Haemmerle G, Lass A, Eichmann TO, Radner FPW. ABHD5 Stimulates PNPLA1-mediated Omega-O-Acylceramide Biosynthesis Essential for a Functional Skin Permeability Barrier. J Lipid Res. 2018; in press

Huber K, Hofer DC, Trefely S, Pelzmann HJ, Madreiter-Sokolowski C, Duta-Mare M, Schlager S, Trausinger G, Stryeck S,Graier WF, Kolb D, Magnes C, Snyder NW, Prokesch A, Kratky D, Madl T, Wellen KE, Bogner-Strauss JG. N-acetylaspartate pathway is nutrient responsive and coordinates lipid and energy metabolism in brown adipocytes. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2018; in press

Al-Zoughbi W, Schauer S, Pichler M, Hoefler G. Early Loss of Forkhead Transcription Factor, O Subgroup, Member 1 Protein in the Development of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Pathobiology. 2018; 85(5-6):342-7


22.11.2018 Guest Lecture
Mitochondrial substrate-level phosphorylation as a means of energy-harnessing in normal and tumor cells during hypoxia by Prof. Christos Chinopoulos, MD PhD
17:00, Seminar room MC1.F.05.016 (Übungsraum Pathologie 01), Department of Pathology (MED Campus, Neue Stiftingtalstrasse 6, 5th floor), MUG


Doctoral Day 2018@ MedUni Graz

05.12.2018 Guest Lecture
Astrocytes, a key mediator or an indirect effector, for brain-state dependent neurovascular coupling by Prof. Dr. Xin Yu and
Title to be announced by Prof. Dr. Robert Lukowski
13:30, Seminar room MC1.F.05.017 (Übungsraum Pathologie 02), Department of Pathology (MED Campus, Neue Stiftingtalstrasse 6, 5th floor), MUG