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Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease (DK-MCD)

The DK-MCD offers an excellence PhD program that provides an in-depth, multidisciplinary training in biomedical research in a stimulating international environment. The thesis projects focus on aspects of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases that integrate basic research and clinically-oriented sciences utilizing a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art techniques.


Latest News

Elham Fanaee-Danesh and Chaitanya Chakravarthi Galihavesuccessfully defended their PhD theses and finished their PhD studies. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Melanie Korbelius for the successfully defense of her PhD thesis and completion of her PhD studies.

Latest Publications

Stekovic S, Hofer SJ, Tripolt N, Aon MA, Royer P, Pein L, Stadler JT, Pendl T, Prietl B, Url J, Schroeder S, Tadic J, Eisenberg T, Magnes C, Stumpe M, Zuegner E, Bordag N, Riedl R, Schmidt A, Kolesnik E, Verheyen N, Springer A, Madl T, Sinner F, de Cabo R, Kroemer G, Obermayer-Pietsch B, Dengjel J, Sourij H, Pieber TR, Madeo F. Alternate Day Fasting Improves Physiological and Molecular Markers of Aging in Healthy, Non-obese Humans. Cell Metab. 2019; 30(3):462-76

Gottschalk B, Klec C, Leitinger G, Bernhart E, Rost R, Bischof H, Madreiter-Sokolowski CT, Radulovic S, Eroglu E, Sattler W, Waldeck-Weiermair M, Malli R, Graier WF. MICU1 controls cristae junction and spatially anchors mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter complex. Nat Commun. 2019; 10(1):3732

Madreiter-Sokolowski CT, Malli R, Graier WF. Mitochondrial-Endoplasmic Reticulum Interplay: A Lifelong On-Off Relationship? Contact (Thousand Oaks). 2019; 2:2515256419861227

Tomin T, Schittmayer M, Honeder S, Heininger C, Birner-Gruenberger R. Irreversible oxidative post-translational modifications in heart disease. Expert Rev Proteomics. 2019; 16(8):681-693



23.09.2019 Guest lecture
TNF and S1P in the human placenta, focusing on the role of S1P in the vascular function during pregnancy by Prof. Denise Hemmings, PhD
11:00, Library, Divison of Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology, Gottfried Schatz Research Center (Neue Stiftingtalstraße 6/II), MUG

24.09.2019 Guest lecture
Applied Lipidomics
KeyNote Lecture by Prof. Dr. Michal Holcapek in course of the Opening of the Center of Explorative Lipidomics (CEL)
13:00-16:00, Meerscheinschlössl (Mozartgasse 3), UG; registration required

Employee Orientation (in English; mandatory for new employees of the Med Uni Graz)
14:30-16:30, SZ KW.21A (Auenbruggerplatz 2, 2nd floor), MUG; registration required via Medonline

Doctoral Day 2019: Public Presentations for Doc School and PhD students
Abstract submission: 15.08.-15.09.2019
Registration deadline: 01.11.2019
Submission & registration:

16.12.2019 Guest lecture
BioTechMed-Graz Nobel Lecture 2019: Optical microscopy: the resolution revolution by Prof. Dr. Stefan Hell
17:00, room to be announced, TUG; registration required to