Lifestyle-Related Diseases

This doctoral school is aimed at investigating the pathophysiology of lifestyle related diseases providing insight into pathways through which chronic diseases occur and to elucidate how changeable factors like physical activity/fitness or dietary patterns on one hand, and unchangeable ones like genetic predisposition are interrelated. Research activities and the offered teaching shall accomplish each other and enable the students to acquire the basic principles of life science research, insight into the background of common lifestyle related diseases and expertise in the chosen special field of the thesis. Teaching thus shall cover statistics, scientometrics, and basics in laboratory methods on one hand and aspects of physical activity, nutrition, anthropometry, endocrinology, surgery, and the interaction between genes and environment in the development of diseases on the other. The Members of the Doctoral School for Lifestyle-Related Diseases provide a broad expertise within different fields of life sciences to enable interdisciplinary approaches suitable to cope with the multidimensionality of these diseases. Most of these members are currently already involved in respective interdisciplinary research and are thus already interconnected.


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Sandra Johanna Holasek 
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 Sandra Johanna Holasek