Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Behlau Alexander
    Project: Relevance of amalgam replacement materials
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl Glockner
  • Hanscho Katharina
    Project: Lateral and vertical mobility in vivo in splinted and desplinted traumatized teeth  
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Kurt Ebeleseder
  • Herber Valentin Sean
    Project: Bioresorbable materials in the field of implantology
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Norbert Jakse
  • Ivancic Gal
  • Project: Mechanical properties of the L&H Titin wire compared to other orthodontic archwires in commonly used brackets
  • Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Brigitte Wendl
  • Kovacs Andreea
    Project:Influence of the redicality of pre-operative treatment of suspected dental foci on complications after solid organ transplantation   
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Norbert Jakse
  • Lindner Marlene
    Project: Periodontal treatment in early stages of infrarenal aortic aneurysm
    Supervisor: Univ. FA Priv.-Doz. Gernot Wimmer
  • Lintner Andrea
    Project: Barotrauma des Zahnes- Zahnmedizinische und hyperbare Aspekte für Zahnärzte, Ärzte, Taucher und Berufstaucher
    Supervisor: Univ.-Prof.i.R. Peter Städtler
  • Merkl Markus
    Project: Hidden blood loss and postoperative swelling following bimaxillary orthognathic surgery
    Supervisor: Univ. ZA DDr. Michael Schwaiger
  • Mischitz Ingrida
    Project: An effect of engaging and non-engaging abutments on the fit of screw-retained internal connection implants
    Supervisor: Ao.Univ.-Prof. Martin Lorenzoni
  • Remschmidt Bernhard
    Project: Dynamic navigation in endodontic surgery
    Supervisor: Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. et Michael Payer
  • Sommer Sarah
    Project: Individualized allogenic bone blocks in comparison to individualized hydroxyapatite bone grafts, clinical and histological assessment
    Supervisor: Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. et Michael Payer
  • Steyer Elisabeth
    Project: Implant supported restorations: correlation between infraocclusion and TMJ-disorders?   
    Supervisor: ao.Univ.-Prof. Martin Lorenzoni
  • Stursa Lea Katharina
    Project: Do different kinds of insertion guides improve the position of orthodontic miniscrews in comparison to conventional miniscrew insertion?
    Supervisor: Univ. FÄ Priv.-Doz. Brigitte Wendl
  • Theisen Kerstin
    Project: Effect of material characteristics on matrix metalloproteinase 8 - levels in peri-implant sulcular fluid
    Supervisor:  ao.Univ.-Prof. Martin Lorenzoni
  • Tomic Josip
    Project: Pilotstudy: Clinical application of Mg-based bioresorbable implants in the orbital surgery
    Supervisor: Univ.-Ass. Priv.-Doz. Wolfgang Zemann 
  • Velandia Rey Marisol
    Project: Biofilmentwicklung auf in der zahnärztlichen Implantologie verwendeten Werkstoffen nach unterschiedlichen Prophylaxemaßnahmen
    Supervisor: Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. et Michael Payer
  • Vogl Susanne
    Project: An experimental study evaluating insertion torque and removal torque of dental implants. - A clinical pilot study for evaluation of correlation between voxel values obtained by CBCT and primary stability of dental implants.
    Supervisor:  Univ.-Prof. Walther Wegscheider
  • Zwittnig Katharina
    Project: The effect of platelet-rich fibrin on clinical and patient-centered outcomes of third molar extractions
    Supervisor: Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. et Michael Payer