Tablet und Bleistift

Data management

In this workshop critical concepts and practical methods to support planning, collection and dissemination of data in clinical and medical research are presented. Participants learn how to structure their research data, how to merge different files, import and export data. Merging data, coding and labelling data in a meaningful manner is essential and provides the basis for later data analysis. Additional topics: Convert string variables to a numeric variables, convert categorical string variables to labeled numeric variables, create categorical variables from continuous variables, create a new variable that is calculated from other variables, create date variable from a date that is stored as a.

Questions that are addressed in this workshop:

  • What to do with missing values?
  • How can I identify and remove duplicate observations?
  • How to deal with outliers?
  • How can I better structure my data in excel?
  • How should I arrange my data file depending on my research design?
  • What is important in the data collecting process?
  • Do I have to consider the proposed statistical methods during the data management process?

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