Diagnostic Thyroid Pathology and Cytology

• Completely new set of cases compared with the previous courses held in Linz 2018 and 2019

• Especially challenging cases presented by the guest faculty

• Hands-on microscopy with real cytology and histology slides circulating among all participants

• Presentation and discussion of the participants’ diagnoses for each case (questionnaire-based survey during microscopy sessions) in comparison with the experts’ consensus diagnoses

• Extensive correlation of cytology and histology

• Interactive discussion among participants and the faculty

• Technical/methodological aspects (frozen section, macroscopy, sampling, FNB, touch imprint cytology, staining protocols) specifically addressed

• Application of immunohistochemical and molecular markers

• Presentation of follow-up data, therapeutic and prognostic implications of histopathologic diagnoses

• Slide scans available via internet after the course

• Lectures and in-depth discussion of selected topics (FNA cytology, NIFT-P and related tumors, papillary carcinoma variants, oncocytic lesions).