MERAG-Real time PCR workshop

The quantitative real-time PCR workshop will provide attendees a comprehensive overview of real-time PCR including data analysis and statistics. According to the ongoing Corona situation the course is done online (WebEx) only.

The workshop is organized in modules:

Module 1: basic course showing the theory of qPCR:

Traditional PCR vs qPCRDetection methods: TaqMan, SYBRCommonly used terms in qPCRStudy design: RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, qPCR, reference genesQuality checks on raw data: check amplification curves, melt curves, non template controls, standards / efficiency value

Module 2: advanced course including data analysis

Quality checks on raw dataTheory of DataAnalysisAbsolut/relative QuantificationddCq-methods; efficiency correctionCalculation using interplate calibratorData preparation for statisticsTroubleshooting

Module 3: statistics basics (Module 2 is mandatory for Module 3​​​​​​)

Introduction into SPSS environmentImport dataHandling missing valuesImputation methodsOutlier diagnosticsDescriptive StatisticsExplorative data analysis

Module 4: statistics advanced (Module 2 and Module 3 are mandatory for Module 4)

Differential expression analysis for two independent groupsDifferential expression analysis for three or more independent groupsDifferential expression analysis for two time pointsDifferential expression analysis for three or more time pointsAdjusting p-values in cases of multiple hypothesis testingData visualization