Molecular Medicine (MolMed) PhD Candidates


Alumni 2020

  • Dalinac Natasa: Mechanisms of trigger induced cardiac remodelling
    Supervisor: Egbert Bisping & Akos Heinemann
  • Gampawar Piyush Gajananrao: Genetic determinants of brain ageing
    Supervisor: Helena Schmidt
  • Forstner Desiree: Effects of maternal platelets on trophoblasts
    Supervisor: Martin Gauster
  • Birkl-Töglhofer Anna Maria: Drug-induced liver injury in psychiatric disorders
    Supervisor: Johannes Haybäck
  • Hinteregger Barbara: Integration of metabolomics and already established approaches for characetrization of an Alzheimer's Disease Model
    Supervisor: Tobias Madl
  • Ramadani-Muja Jeta: Development and application of fluorescent protein-based probes to determine protein targeting mitochondria
    Supervisor: Roland Malli
  • Zhou Qin: Tumor Genome Stratification and Network Analyses based on Non-invasive Liquid Biopsies
    Supervisor: Michael Speicher
  • Burgstaller, Sandra: Visualization of local intracellular & cell surface cation alterations using fluorescent protein-based probes
    Supervisor: Roland Malli
  • Del Gaudio, Ilaria:The role of (S1P)-HDL on endothelial barrier function by gestational diabetes mellitus
     Supervisor: Christian Wadsack
  • Pausan, Manuela-Racula: Interacting microbes - the microcosmos in our body and our homes
    Supervisor: Christine Moissl-Eichinger

Alumni 2019

  • Kétszeri Máté Csaba: The role of microRNA-142-3p in uremic vascular media calcification
    Supervisor: Alexander Rosenkranz
  • Francic, Vito: Vitamin D, clinical outcome and regulation of metabolism
    Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch
  • Matak Andrija: Characterization of cancer specific mechanisms in hepatobiliary carcinoma
    Supervisor: Kurt Zatloukal
  • Caraffini, Veronica: Analysis of the role of RAF kminase inhibitor protein innthe development of myeloid neoplasias
    Supervisor: Armin Zebisch
  • Abdellatif, Mahmoud: Cardioprotective mechanisms of spermidine in aging and related cardiovascular disease
    Supervisor: Simon Sedej
  • Daga, Shruti: Leukemic stem cells and a novel method of minimal residual disease detection in acute myeloid leukemia
    Supervisor: Albert Wölfler
  • Gungl, Anna: Inflammatory profiling reveals Type 2 predominant eosinophilic inflammation and asthmatic airway disease in the Fra2 transgenic mouse model
    Supervisor: Grazyna Kwapiszewska
  • Mora, Maximiliam: Microbes in restricted indoor environments - with focus on International Space Station and spacecraft associated celan rooms
    Supervisor: Christine Moissl-Eichinger
  • Bischof, Helmut: Development, characterization and application of novel genetically encoded, fluorescent potassium ion indicators
    Supervisor: Roland Malli
  • Stryeck, Sarah: Deciphering the intricate interaction network in the beta-catenin destruction complex - the Axin-1 paradigm
    Supervisor: Tobias Madl
  • Fechter, Karoline: Investigating the role of NR4A1 in aggressive lymphomas
    Supervisor: Andreas Prokesch & Alexander Deutsch
  • Unterluggauer, julia Judith: Investigating the role of translation initiation factors in aggressive B-cell lymphoma
    Supervisor: Johannes Haybäck
  • Lögl, Jelena: Paracrine regulation of feto-placental angiogenesis by placental macrophages and trophoblasts
    Supervisor: Gernot Desoye