Alumni services

Even many years after graduation, our former students are still very closely connected to the place where they received their education. By organizing different activities and events, we make it possible for you to keep in touch with your alma mater and to stay informed. We also provide a space and opportunities to remain in contact with your fellow students and exchange experiences and memories.


Fundamentally it is the connections with human beings that make life worth living.


Wilhelm von Humboldt


How we keep in touch

We keep our alumni up to date about studies, teaching, research and patient care at Med Uni Graz by:

  • Delivering the Med Uni Graz newspaper "MEDitio" 3x year (Medical University of Graz news)
  • Sending invitations to Med Uni Graz events and lectures
  • Awarding Med Uni Graz Golden Diplomas
Goldene Diplomrollen

Golden Diplomas

By awarding the university Golden Doctoral Diploma, Med Uni Graz acknowledges 50 years of service in medicine and science for the benefit of the population. The ceremonial renewal of the doctorate honors the often untiring work of physicians even after their retirement, for their passion for helping people does not end after they cease to be actively employed. The ceremony occurs every two years. Diploma recipients are contacted and invited by Alumni Services.