Universitaere Zentren

University centers

University centers define themselves by how substantial parts of large disciplines pool their expertise and jointly provide interdisciplinary care to a large number of patients. The centers correspond to the Med Uni Graz research areas and conduct networked research on the dynamic development of their respective disciplines.



Comprehensive Cancer Center Graz

At Comprehensive Cancer Center Graz, all departments, divisions and institutes that specifically focus on cancer diagnosis and therapy work together closely to facilitate the early detection of cancer and its treatment.

The investigation of the latest methods for early detection and treatment of cancer is supported by the Med Uni Graz Biobank with its more than 20 million biological specimens. The individuals (physicians, nurses, psychologists, etc.) responsible for diagnostics and care for tumor patients have a high level of education and receive constant training.

Universitäres Herzzentrum

University Heart Center

The University Heart Center is an interdisciplinary cooperation between cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other important specialists in related disciplines. Patients in Styria are fortunate to have access to top-level cardiac medicine from a single provider. In research and education, the professionals at the Heart Center work together to develop new methods and train their future colleagues.


Transregional Trauma Center Graz

The transregional Trauma Center Graz specializes in providing care to seriously injured people 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It is certified according to the guidelines of the German Society for Emergency Surgery (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie, DGU®). To ensure that seriously injured patients receive interdisciplinary care, each move must be clearly defined in advance. As a result, a special procedure has been developed for University Hospital Graz. The patient is examined from head to toe and potentially life-threatening priorities are established. These tasks are broken down according to professional expertise as well as optimal use of time. This means that certain tasks in initial care are assigned to several occupational groups so that work may proceed in parallel to ensure that patients receive definitive care as quickly as possible.

Universitaeres Transplant-Center Graz

University Transplant Center Graz

Coordination of modern concepts in organ transplantation is both interdisciplinary and interprofessional. Transplant Center Graz was founded to meet this international standard for successful high-end centers. The patient is at the heart of the Graz team concept.

Its great experience with innovative treatment concepts that incorporate the latest scientific knowledge leads to optimal, individually tailored patient care at the highest university level with the best possible outcome.