Dual Career Service

Dual Career Service

The reconciliation of career, partnership, family and mobility is important at Med Uni Graz. Thanks to the combined synergies of public universities in Styria and Carinthia, the partners of professors, young researchers and administrative managers receive the support they need to make mobility decisions through the development of individual solutions.

In personal advising sessions, job opportunities are presented and contact with potential employers is established, thereby creating optimal conditions to accessing the job market for the partner.

Furthermore, the Welcome Center of Med Uni Graz supports the family on topics such as registration at the new place of residence, accommodation, schooling and childcare, etc. However, employment, a research position and child care cannot be guaranteed.

Dual Career Service

Waltraud Heschl 
T: +43 316 385 71679
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Dual Career Network Styria/Carinthia

As part of the Dual Career Network, the five Styrian universities and the University of Klagenfurt supply useful information on starting out in Styria and Carinthia, listing interesting job offers and providing an opportunity for exchange of experiences and information.

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Graz, a livable city

Graz is small but sweet and has numerous titles: The capital of Styria is not just Capital of Culture but also Capital of Delight and City of Design. It also has UNESCO World Heritage sites, namely the historic center and Schloss Eggenberg.

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