Medical Science City Graz (Foto: Manfred Stangl)

Medical Science City Graz

Medical Science City Graz (MSC Graz) merges the space, content and strategy of the basic research institutions at the Medical University of Graz including Modules 1 and 2, applied clinical research and patient care at University Hospital as well as knowledge and technology transfer in ZWT (Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine). Teaching students and education and professional development in the medical field are likewise key areas of responsibility at MSC Graz. As a result, Graz and with it Styria is becoming one of the leading medical centers in Europe where science and research are tightly interwoven with practical implementation.

A city district dedicated to health

Med Uni Graz

Med Uni Graz

With over 2,500 employees in academic and non-academic areas and more than 4,300 students in medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical science degree programs, Ph.D. programs and numerous postgraduate courses, Med Uni Graz is a center of innovative, cutting-edge medicine in southern Austria that provides an attractive living space and workplace for staff and students and a significant share of patient care on site. Our campus is the "heart" of our university, a new space created for future-oriented thinking and a flagship project for sustainability that unites all institutes in one location in direct proximity to the hospital.

LKH-Univ. Klinikum Graz

University Hospital Graz

University Hospital Graz is a maximum care hospital in Graz, Austria, and part of the Styrian Hospital Association (KAGes). With 1,484 doctors, around 7,800 employees and 1,556 beds, University Hospital Graz is one of the largest hospitals in Austria. Its surface area of 60 hectares and almost ten street kilometers makes it the largest hospital in Europe.

Zentrum für Wissens- und Technologietransfer in der Medizin (ZWT)

Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine

The Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine (ZWT) and ZWT II bring life sciences companies and research institutions closer together in a unique way. The companies can have better access to scientific know-how and improve human health with their products and services. The pooling of competences in Medical Science City Graz has an international draw and increases the creation of regional value.