Medical specialist training

At the Medical University of Graz, there are two training and development options for medical specialists:

In both cases, you benefit from the direct integration into the university, working not only in patient care but conducting research in international networks and passing on your knowledge to our students and your colleagues.

Physician in medical specialist training

At the Medical University of Graz, physicians have the opportunity to receive specialist training in many medical disciplines. During medical specialist training at Med Uni Graz, students come in close contact with university research and education as well as patient care from the very start.


The candidate should have the following profile:

  • Degree in medicine
  • Interest in a scientific career in a university environment
  • Interest in completing a doctoral program while being employed

The following information on specialist training is provided by the Austrian Medical Chamber (ÖÄK).


Scientific module as the start of your career

The physician education act permits a scientific module (nine months) to be completed during the main training in the specialist area. The scientific module is organized the same way in all the specialist areas and provides a qualification in the area of scientific research. If the criteria are fulfilled, a student may receive up to nine months of credit in the specialist area of education for a scientific paper written during a scientific doctoral or PhD program.

University medical specialist

As a university medical specialist, you have the opportunity to choose a clinical or a scientific/academic career at the Medical University of Graz and to complete a doctoral program while being employed. In addition to high-quality patient care, the profile of a university medical specialist primarily involves active participation in research and education. By acquiring scientific qualifications, you develop your personal profile in the direction of a research professor or a university assistant medical director. At the start of employment, a competence catalog in the specific area that includes university requirements is determined for each university medical specialist. These competencies must be acquired before a permanent employment contract is concluded.


The candidate should have the following profile:

  • Authorization to practice as a medical specialist
  • Experience in research and education
  • Interest in continuing in a scientific career
  • Ideally a doctoral degree or some doctoral coursework


We look forward to your application.