MED CAMPUS, Bild: David Schreyer

Strategy and vision

At the Medical University of Graz, we have a common strategy and vision:

“Pioneering Minds – Research and Education for Patients’ Health and Well-being”

This means that all our actions are characterized by an attitude based on scientific research and a focus on the individual. We see a human being as a unique physical, mental and emotional entirety including his or her social environment. This attitude provides the foundation and direction for clinical, translational and basic research, student education and postgraduate training and ultimately results in the best patient care.

The Medical University of Graz strives to maintain, restore and improve the health and well-being of its patients on the basis of scientific expertise and research. Each core task of Med Uni Graz—clinical, translational and basic research; student education; postgraduate training and patient care—follows this guiding principle.

All people at Med Uni Graz contribute to the realization of this principle: doctors, researchers, teachers, students and other staff members. They see themselves as pioneering minds.

Focus on the human being


Patient health and well-being

Following the Med Uni Graz holistic view of the human being, we understand patient health and well-being over its full range: from bench to bedside to community. All aspects of health and well-being—prevention, prediction and diagnosis, treatment and healing of disease or palliative care for incurable disease—are always embedded in a practice that is humanistic (biopsychosocial), human-centered, personalized and research-based.

Medical Science City Graz, Bild: Ott

Anchored in excellent infrastructure

Med Uni Graz is taking advantage of its existing potential and the optimal infrastructure of MED CAMPUS, ZWT I and II and University Hospital and developing them into Medical Science City Graz.

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