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Healthy and motivated through one's studies: That is the goal of the Peer2Peer counseling center at Med Uni Graz. Students receive support quickly and easily, no matter if they are facing difficulties or crises as a result of excessive demands or failures in their studies, dealing with personal problems in private life or illness or even working out solutions and focusing on their personal development. Specially trained students (peers) who are more advanced in their studies and know the daily life of a student very well are on hand to support their fellow students.

Studierende im Gespräch


As part of the service, specially trained students in later semesters (peers) provide counseling, accompaniment (mentoring) and "help for self-help" during their studies. At the same time, student staff are supervised by competent representatives from the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy. The peers are also there to provide support with personal problems. If proven coping mechanisms do not work, the motto for seeking professional help applies: The earlier, the better!

Studierende im Gespräch


Counseling encompasses many areas of life. Important topics and questions include:

  • How can I get through my studies and later on my career in good health (health promotion and prevention)?
  • What techniques can I learn to do something good for myself (e.g., relaxation techniques, stress management)?
  • What can help me meet the challenges of daily life (e.g., creating a learning plan, reflecting on my own experiences, finding other psychosocial support opportunities)?
Personen im Kreis


It is a fact that every human being has personal problems. Yet sometimes they are so serious that a person can no longer cope with them alone and the standard solutions such as conversations with people close to them are not enough. Peer2Peer offers students social support and psychological help quickly and without any bureaucracy, no matter whether they are affected by orientation and adjustment problems or serious life events caused by excessive demands or failures in their studies, by personal crises in their family or partnership or by illness. They are even assisted as they work out solutions and focus on personal development.

The use of Peer2Peer is voluntary, anonymous and free!


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