Qualitätsmanagement in der Forschung

Quality Management in Research

Conducting high-quality research is one of the main goals of Med Uni Graz. Quality assurance tools that represent the four dimensions of quality are used at different levels.

Quality assurance services


Research support

Research support is an important element for assisting and promoting Med Uni Graz researchers that includes research management services and the provision of high-quality research infrastructure. Institutions such as the Center for Medical Research (ZMF) and the Coordination Center for Clinical Trials (KKS) are certified according to the ISO standard. A large number of professional development programs ensure that researchers remain up to date on the latest findings in their disciplines.



Committees such as the Ethics Committee and the Ombudsperson's Office for Good Scientific Practice advise researchers and make decisions in line with ethical research and scientific integrity. The Research Promotion Commission examines applications and provides recommendations for the allocation of funding for research projects.



Guidelines regulate key aspects of research such as research funding and exploitation of findings and contribute to the transparent conducting of core processes. They are published in the Med Uni Graz newsletter. For example, the third-party guideline regulates the funding and execution of research projects, while another guideline defines standards of good scientific practice that are binding for all Med Uni Graz researchers.



The Research Portal records the achievements of researchers and their activities. It is a key tool for monitoring the research output of Med Uni Graz and provides the database for a series of quality assurance processes, for example appointments, habilitations and performance and goal agreements.

Support from external institutions


External institutions support and monitor research activities at Med Uni Graz in the form of registration requirements, permits and/or audits. Examples include the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) on behalf of the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care for clinical trials and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) for animal tests and work in accordance with genetic engineering legislation.


Quality and Knowledge Management staff unit