Support for the Ukraine

Support for the Ukraine

The support initiative of Med Uni Graz primarily aims at Ukrainian citizens who had to leave Ukraine after February 24, 2022 due to the current situation. Due to the health-orientation of the university, students and staff members from the health sector should feel primarily addressed, especially students of medicine and dentistry, as well as researchers from the preclinical and clinical settings.

Applicants from the Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens who are interested in starting or continuing their studies at the Medical University of Graz need to know the following:

Fields of Study:

  • Diploma Programs in Medicine and Dentistry (taught in German)
  • Master Program in Nursing and Interdisciplinary Health Care Studies (taught in German)
  • PHD-Programs (taught in English)


In order to study medicine or dentistry at Med Uni Graz students need to complete an admissions procedure, the “MedAT” and qualify for one of the yearly 346 places in medicine and 24 in dentistry. The MedAT is held at all public Austrian universities on July 7, 2023 and registration closes on March 31, 2023. The exam is held in German and thus a minimum of C1 is recommended, but required for enrollment once the test has been passed. 


Med Uni Graz has agreed to waive the test fee of 110 Euros for recently displaced Ukrainians. Please contact the medAT team during registration to receive a registration fee waiver: aufnahmeverfahren(at)


Students with little prior knowledge A2 may attend the preparation course “Vorstudienlehrgang” in order to enhance their knowledge in German. They have to apply for admission to Med Uni Graz and then receive an extraordinary admissions notice permitting them to take part in the course. Within a prescribed duration of time they then have to complete the course and take the medAT to start studying.

Med Uni Graz has agreed to pay the Vorstudienlehrgang-Basic participation fee for recently displaced Ukrainians until the admissions procedure 2023.

Language Courses

Med Uni Graz offers German Courses for those Ukrainians interested in pursuing their studies in the medical field and/or continuing it from beginners to level A2. This should ensure smooth integration into the Austrians system and provide the requirement for potentially participating the Vorstudienlehrgang-courses, mentioned in the admissions section. The courses are also open to displaced researchers.

treffpunkt sprachen - Centre for Language, Plurilingualism and Didactics

Job openings at Med Uni Graz

Ukrainian citizens are especially encouraged to apply. According to the current ordinance, persons with the ID card “Vertriebene” have access to the labor market.


Job openings at our university


Med Uni Graz participates in the more Initiative coordinated by the Austrian Rector’s conference (UNIKO).

People with a refugee background shall be offered access to tertiary education and get the chance to attend lectures

Regular students of the Med Uni Graz with Ukrainian nationality

Regular Med Uni Graz students from the Ukraine will receive a tuition fee waiver in the 2022 summer semester. They have already been contacted by the Department of Study Management.


Mobility to Med Uni Graz

For Ukrainian students who continue to be enrolled at their university in the Ukraine, but want to, while possibilities are limited, complete some course work or clinical rotations at the Medical University of Graz, we have created a “Mobility Program”. Students will be treated like any other incoming student and thus be able to follow courses (German B2 is needed) or participate in Clinical Rotations (English B2 is sufficient, German beneficial). We would be able to provide you with official transcripts to be taken home at the end. Please note that this is not a possibility to obtain a title from Med Uni Graz, but rather a short-term option for a few semesters.  The deadline for the summer semester is April 25, 2022.


Psychological counseling for students and staff

Med Uni Graz offers psychological support for students and staff from the Ukraine in the current crisis situation.

Researchers with Ukrainian citizenship

Displaced researchers from the pre-clinical or clinical area who are interested in working at the Med Uni Graz are encouraged to contact the university at more(at) After the initial contact further information will be shared. Please note that apart from the job openings (see below), no scholarships can be granted for guest stays. We do, however, welcome self-funded or scholarship-funded colleagues,

Please note the application deadlines of the scholarship programs. Due to the high volume of applications some programs currently do not accept applications anymore.

General Phone numbers

  • Hotline of the Ministry of the Interior in Austria:
    +43 1 26768709460
  • Social Service Agency of the Province of Styria:
    +43 800 201010
  • Hotline of Caritas Styria for Ukraine:
    +43 316 8015215

Contact Med Uni Graz

T: +43 316 385 71642
T: +43 316 385 73674