Med Uni Graz sees itself as a sustainable institution and motivates its staff to choose environmentally friendly modes of transportation on their way to and from work. To make the switch from a car to a bicycle or public transportation easier, Med Uni Graz provides financial incentives for its staff members.


Job Ticket

A Job Ticket is the best option for anyone who would like to commute to work by means of public transportation. All Med Uni Graz locations can be reached easily by public transportation. The university covers 100% of the cost of a Job Ticket.


Bicycle subsidy

Cyclists receive their sustainability bonus through a bicycle subsidy. The subsidy consists of an annual EUR 150 voucher for a bike service or the purchase of a new bicycle and a ten ride pass for Graz Linien buses and trams—paid for by Med Uni Graz.

Med Uni-Fahrrad

Med Uni-Fahrrad

Als fahrradfreundliche Stadt bietet Graz ein dichtes Netz an Radwegen. Da die Medizinische Universität Graz aktiv nachhaltige Mobilität fördert, bieten wir unseren Mitarbeiter*innen Med Uni-Fahrräder zu einem besonders attraktiven Preis an.

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