Tenure Track – The path to a professorship at Med Uni Graz

Med Uni Graz expands its strategic strengths by appointing tenure track professors. Its competitive tenure positions are advertised internationally. The number of tenure track positions requiring appointments and the scientific orientation of the positions are determined by the Med Uni Graz Rectorate in consultation with the scientific organizational units. The initial appointment is limited to six years as an assistant professor with a qualification agreement (tenure track model pursuant to § 99 para. 5 and 6 of the Universities Act). The career advancement goal is to transfer to a tenured position as an associate professor. If the candidate demonstrates outstanding and remarkable achievements, the qualification agreement may be fulfilled more quickly.

Tenure Track professorship

An attractive salary is part of the tenure track professorship. Successful candidates are supported in the transfer and setup of their scientific working group.

Tenure Track Modell

A young researcher program that imparts how to manage scientific working groups and facilitate networks accompanies the scientists on their way to becoming a professor. Med Uni Graz also supports the partners of newly appointed professors in their job search.

Career development towards research professorship
Internal career development for medical specialists and post-docs

Med Uni Graz has developed an internal career program for academic staff that promotes medical research and supports medical specialists and post-docs in advancing their scientific careers. Med Uni Graz staff can apply for acceptance in the career program once a year. A successful application (preparation for a selection or appointment procedure) is directly reflected in a higher salary. Upon successful completion of the program, the limited term position is replaced by an unlimited term position and Med Uni Graz confers the title "Research Professor."

The career program supports young researchers in acquiring scientific qualifications so they can compete internationally for tenure track positions and provides additional career prospects for the post-doc phase if no tenure track professorships are vacant.

A young researcher program that imparts how to manage scientific working groups and facilitate networks accompanies the scientists.


Physician in medical specialist training

Early qualification for a career at Med Uni Graz


The Ärzt*innen-Ausbildungsordnung (Physician Education Act) permits a scientific module (nine months) to be completed during the main training in the specialist area.

The scientific module is organized the same way in all the specialist areas and provides a qualification in the area of scientific research. If the criteria are fulfilled, a student may receive up to nine months of credit in the specialist area of education for a scientific paper written during a scientific doctoral or PhD program.