13th International Symposium on Circulating Nucleic Acids

This unique series brings together pioneers and leaders of the field from all over the world (e.g. Dennis Lo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Nitzan Rosenfeld, University of Cambridge, UK; Alain Thierry, Institute of Cancer Research of Montpellier, France; Claus Lindbjerg Andersen, Aarhus University, Denmark; Iwijn De Vlaminck, Cornell University, USA; Max Diehn, Stanford University, USA; Victor Velculescu, Johns Hopkins University, USA; Nickolas Papadopoulos, Johns Hopkins University, USA and many more) with young researchers, students, and biotech industry in a high-profile yet intimate setting.

The CNAPS meetings take place every two years since 1997, at different locations around the world. Last meetings were hosted by Max Diehn and Steven Quake (Stanford University) in San Francisco (2022), Nitzan Rosenfeld (CRUK Cambridge) and Yuval Dor (Hebrew University Israel) in Jerusalem (2019), and Alain Thierry (Institute of Cancer Research) in Montpellier (2017).