Galaxy: A web-based platform

Target Groups: Researchers in the life science, data stewards and the interested public

Language: English



Galaxy is a scientific data analysis, data integration and data publishing platform based on workflows that aims to make computational biology accessible to research scientists that do not have computer programming experience. Medical University Graz is just one among many Galaxy instances from all around the world. The Core Facility Computational Bioanalytics (CF-CB) at Med Uni Graz offers trainings and technical support for researchers who want to use Galaxy.


In this webinar participants will get to know how the Galaxy platform operates and what is unique in Med Uni Graz instance in comparison to the other instances. During the live demonstration, participants will get familiar with the Galaxy interface, working with data upload, data histories and data analysis as well as data visualization, data sharing and workflow execution.



- Intro into CF-CB services and collaboration possibilities

- MedBioNode infrastructure and usage options

- Introduction into Galaxy

- Live demonstration

- Q&A


Moderation: Therese Macher and Peter Schaffer, RDM Team, Med Uni Graz

Speakers: Andrea Groselj-Strele and Marija Durdevic, Core Facility Computational Bioanalytics, Med Uni Graz


Registration until 23.01.2023 :



The webinar is part of the event series “Research Data Management in Austria” that is aimed at researchers and / or people involved in research support and serves to promote networking and exchange on the topic of research data management, writing a data management plan and similar related topics.

The event series is organized by FAIR Data Austria with changing cooperation partners.