Real time PCR workshop

The quantitative real-time PCR workshop will provide attendees a comprehensive overview of real-time PCR including data analysis and statistics.

The workshop is organized in modules:

Module 1: basic course showing the theory of qPCR:

  • Traditional PCR vs qPCR
  • Detection methods: TaqMan, SYBR
  • Commonly used terms in qPCR
  • Study design: RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, qPCR, reference genes
  • Quality checks on raw data: check amplification curves, melt curves, non template controls, standards / efficiency value

Module 2: advanced course including data analysis

  • Quality checks on raw data
  • Theory of DataAnalysis
  • Absolut/relative Quantification
  • ddCq-methods; efficiency correction
  • Calculation using interplate calibrator
  • Data preparation for statisticsTroubleshooting

Module 3: statistics basics (Module 2 is mandatory for Module 3​​​​​​)

  • Introduction into SPSS environment
  • Import dataHandling missing values
  • Imputation methodsOutlier diagnostics
  • Descriptive StatisticsExplorative data analysis

Module 4: statistics advanced (Module 2 and Module 3 are mandatory for Module 4)

  • Differential expression analysis for two independent groups
  • Differential expression analysis for three or more independent groupsDifferential expression analysis for two time points
  • Differential expression analysis for three or more time points
  • Adjusting p-values in cases of multiple hypothesis testing
  • Data visualization