The chairs of our institutes that are unaffiliated with research centers are primarily tenured professors or proven experts in their fields at the Medical University of Graz who pool their scientific competence in studies and research. Their statements provide insight into the specializations of their institutes.

Wolfgang Freidl

Wolfgang Freidl, Social medicine and epidemiology

"Social conditions are very important for the health of our population. They are extensively examined in research and teaching in the field of social medicine and public health."

Andrea Berghold

Andrea Berghold, Medical informatics, statistics and documentation

"The focus of our research is on interdisciplinary cooperation with partners from the clinical environment in particular. This also has a great impact on our teaching and our scientific services."

Christa Lohrmann

Christa Lohrmann, Nursing Science

"Our diverse, care-related research, its findings and their applications in healthcare facilities closely link research and practice and are emphasized in our teaching, thereby contributing to an optimization of nursing."

Andrea Siebenhofer-Kroitzsch

Andrea Siebenhofer-Kroitzsch, General Practice and Evidence-based Health Services Research

"The multiprofessional team is committed to optimizing all aspects of health services in our healthcare system. With practical expertise, methodological competence and empathy, we teach our students knowledge, critical thinking skills and an appreciation for our fellow citizens and patients."