Which of us is not familiar with this situation: You are out having fun and suddenly you nearly run out of battery. With the power bank of the Med Uni Graz you can easily give your battery a small booster and with a battery capacity of 2200 mAh you can extend the time to the next socket with a few percent gained. The power bank is available in orange or green and comes with a charging cable.

Price: € 6

Hände-Desinfektionsgel (50ml)

Hand disinfectant (50ml)

Having clean and disinfected hands has never been easier than with the hand disinfectant gel from Med Uni Graz. Heavily armed, it declares war on 99.99% of all bacteria and also works against corona viruses (limited virucidal). With the practical silicone chain you can also hang the gel directly on your backpack or handbag. So you don't have to search around for minutes to get rid of annoying bacteria and viruses. Now there is really no excuse at all to not have clean hands in the future!

Price: € 3


Cloth Tote Bag

Make a statement with this useful cloth tote bag. Whether for grocery shopping or heavy books from the university library, this cloth tote bag is not fussy and expands to fit anything.

Price: € 2


Paper Bags

Med Uni paper bags with cord handles are available in two different sizes. Our tip: The paper bags are perfect for safely and stylishly transporting Med Uni merchandise.

Price according to size: € 1.00/€ 1.50


Travel umbrella

Raindrops WON’T keep falling on your head with our Med Uni travel umbrella. The uniquely shaped bright green umbrella opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button. It comes in a protective sleeve that is the same color. The material dries quickly and the umbrella is windproof.

Price: € 15


Thermo bottle (750 ml)

You like your drinks cold in summer and hot in winter? This double-walled stainless steel drinking bottle from “Brotzeit” is the perfect choice for you. The bottle is not only beautiful and practical, but also 100% BPA and PVC-free.

Price: € 20