Nachhaltige Gesundheitsforschung

Our research field is a university platform for internal exchange among academic staff active in the area of sustainability. Our goal is to sustainably network clinical and nonclinical organizational units, intensify research activity by initiating joint projects, promote junior researchers and develop structures.

Markus Gugatschka

"The topics health and research are inconceivable without sustainability. As a research field, we would like to make these interactions visible and promote them."


Markus Gugatschka, research field speaker

About Sustainable Health Research


Our focus

  • Networking
  • Promotion of junior researchers (e.g., doctoral school Sustainable Health Research)
  • Resource-efficient research
  • Resource-efficient methods for clinical practice
  • Sustainable health through prevention and early detection
  • Sustainable intervention

Our networks

  • Within Med Uni Graz
  • National
  • International


Sustainable Health Research field