The compliance staff unit is responsible for implementing, safeguarding and documenting the compliance management system according to guidelines from the rector/rector's office and is obliged to report back to them.

"A compliance management system (CMS) can be understood as the principles introduced on the basis of defined targets as well as the organizational and procedural measures a company takes to guarantee that the legal representatives and employees as well as third parties when applicable behave in accordance with the rules. The goal is to adhere to certain rules and thus avoid any significant infringements of the rules. The CMS aims to identify any important compliance risks in the company."

(Note: This is an unofficial translation of the German original.)

Source: Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer, IDW PS 980



The most important responsibilities include supporting and advising university administration, governing bodies, supervisors and staff on compliance issues according to the three pillar model of compliance with regard to adherence to current legislation and internal university regulations.



The Medical University of Graz Code of Conduct describes the fundamental principles for behavior within the university and for interaction with students and external partners as well as the general public. The Code of Conduct is supplemented by a compliance guideline that makes governing bodies, supervisors and staff aware of legal risks in daily professional life. This guideline is intended to serve as an orientation guide on subjects central to compliance, e. g., behavior/interaction in connection with advantages and conflicts of interest and active and passive participation in scientific events funded by third parties.

Medical University of Graz Code of Conduct

Head of staff unit

Iris Čurman 
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