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Office of the Vice Rector of Financial Management, Legal Affairs and Digitalization

The Office of the Vice Rector of Research and International Affairs provides the Vice Rector with support in all her areas of responsibility. Office staff should be contacted concerning all inquiries to the Vice Rector including appointment coordination.

Integrated in the staff unit is the entire SAP area of Med Uni Graz with the main topics (implementation of electronic workflows; technical support in optimization processes; entire SAP reporting; handling of the budgeting and personnel provisioning process, the intellectual capital statement and the BiDok in SAP).

Head of Staff Unit

Marlene Schranz 
T: +43 664 88961760

Assistent to the Vice Rector

Cornelia Gogg 
T: +43 316 385 71637


Stefanie Zettel 
T: +43 316 385 71654