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Administrative registers in research

This international seminar aims to provide a comparative view on research with register data in the Nordic countries and in Austria. There are several reasons why there is a strong register culture in the Nordic countries. First, there is a long tradition to collect public information. Second, unique personal identity codes were introduced early for all citizens and permanent residents. Third, several data quality studies have shown the high quality of routinely collected registers. In Austria, research with registry data is much less developed but has gained in scope and importance over the past few years, in particular with the establishment of the Austrian Micro Data Center in 2022.

Professor Mika Gissler and Minna-Liisa Luoma (THL – Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) will outline the rationale and framework conditions for register data research in the Nordic countries. Matthias Reiter-Pázmándy (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research) will contribute an overview of the current situation and future perspectives in Austria.

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