Dritter Studienabschnitt - Klinisch Praktisches Jahr (KPJ)

Phase 3
Clinical practice year (CPY)

In the third phase, the clinical practice year (CPY), students are integrated into the daily routine at University Hospital Graz or other teaching hospitals within Austria or abroad as learning team members. Students must spend a total of 48 weeks at the hospital. They deepen their understanding and acquire the competences listed in the Österreichischer Kompetenzlevelkatalog für ärztliche Fertigkeiten (Austrian Competence Level Catalogue of Medical Skills) according to European guidelines. An internship at a general practice teaching practice in Austria and courses in the form of tracks must also be completed. Knowledge acquisition is verified by special methods of examination and case reports that are examined by Med Uni Graz instructors.

The CPY starts always at the first Monday in August and ends at the begin of July of the next year. A lateral entry into the CPY is possible every 8 weeks if all requirements are met. The month of July is defined as a period without teaching before the next CPY academic year begins. Therefore it is impossible to start the CPY at July.

Students from outside the EU

Students from countries outside the EU as well as Croatia require a work permit for a paid internship during the CPY. Permits must be applied for by Ärzteservice at the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) and require eight weeks of lead time.
Contact: schienenwunsch(at)medunigraz.at