The Research Infrastructure Organizational Unit is the umbrella organization for research infrastructure and research services at the Medical University of Graz. This organizational unit has succeeded in centralizing and providing direct research support for Med Uni Graz researchers and others independently of institutes and clinics.

The Research Infrastructure Organizational Unit combines three main service divisions into one:


Areas of responsibility

The Research Infrastructure OU supports the rectorate in strategic development and management of centralized and decentralized research infrastructure and resources. Its responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating and merging required centralized and decentralized infrastructure including planning the large equipment budget as part of the performance agreement
  • Guaranteeing needs-oriented development of the core facilities
  • Updating the research infrastructure database of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BM:BWF)
  • Assisting in the acquisition of (large) medical equipment
  • Processing the clinical research infrastructure call for "pact investments in medical technology - focus on research"

Research infrastructure service divisions

Forscher*innen im Labor

Biobank Graz

Biobank Graz contains a collection of human biological specimens and associated data that is well structured and ready to be analyzed. Containing around 20 million biological specimens, it is one of the largest clinical biobanks in Europe. With several prizes and awards, a large number of cooperation partners on scientific projects and its global, ethically sound distribution of specimens and data, Biobank Graz aims to improve health care for the entire population.

Team von Forscher*innen

Biomedical Research (BMF)

Biomedical Research (BMF) is responsible for caring for laboratory animals at different hygiene levels and provides research projects with special infrastructure and special lab areas. Given the strict legal and ethical requirements for animal experimentation, Biomedical Research supports researchers in planning and conducting tests as well as evaluating existing methods and developing new alternative methods (3R).

Forscher*innen im Labor

Center for Medical Research (ZMF)

The Center for Medical Research (ZMF) provides first-class infrastructure for point-of-care research. Specially constructed to meet the requirements of biomedical research, the modern building is located in the center of the university campus. More than 4,000 square meters of well-equipped laboratories and offices as well as excellent core facilities are available for services.

Head of OU

Christian Gülly 
T: +43 316 385 73001