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Metabolism and Circulation research field

Cardiovascular diseases are undisputedly the most frequent cause of death. Unlike with other diseases, the problem is becoming worse and the consequences of diseases of civilization are becoming more and more serious. Being overweight, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders often have a negative impact on other symptoms as well. They worsen the prognosis for their course and reduce the number of healthy years of life available to us.

Tobias Madl

"Our mission is to put basic research findings on disease mechanisms, processes and therapies into practice in clinical trials and take up clinically relevant problems in cutting-edge basic research."

Tobias Madl, spokesperson of the research field

On metabolic research


Our focus

  • Investigation of the molecular basis of (patho)physiological processes involved in metabolism, immunology and circulation
  • Transfer of basic research into clinical practice and vice versa
  • Development of new technologies

Our networks

  • Within Med Uni Graz (e.g., research fields)
  • Located in Graz (e.g., BioTechMed-Graz, Integrative Structural Biology Initiative/ISBI)
  • National (e.g., Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine/ÖPPM, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft der Ärzt*innen/Scientific Society of Physicians)
  • International (e.g., research networks, universities, research centers, companies)


Metabolism and Circulation research field  

BioTechMed-Graz: Integrative Metabolism Research Center (IMRC)

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