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Are you a media representative who is interested in medical science and research and in the education of future medical professionals? We look forward to your visit to our online services for media representatives or to hearing from you personally with inquiries regarding your reporting on studies, research and patient care at Med Uni Graz.

Communication on different platforms

We exploit different platforms and opportunities to provide information about news from research, studies and campus life at Med Uni Graz.


Whether classic press releases, our news magazine MEDitio, a range of informational brochures, various social media platforms, podcasts or videos: Internal and external communication is high on our list of priorities at Med Uni Graz. Discover our different platforms and become better acquainted with Med Uni Graz.


The university in images

Our collection of images includes a range that reflect the different areas of Med Uni Graz. They may be used free of charge for reporting purposes as long as "Med Uni Graz" is cited as the source of the image.

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Corporate Design

A uniform, consistent corporate design is part of the "Med Uni Graz" brand and represents the university to the outside world. Some of the main points of this uniform appearance are the correct use of the logo, the color scheme and the use of standard fonts.

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The university and its core competencies at a glance


The university

  • Founded: 2004
  • Employees: around 2,500
  • Rector: Andrea Kurz
  • Global budget (2022-2024): 530,928,270 euro
  • Additional clinical expenditure (2022-2024): 223,800,000 euro
  • Third-party funds (2022): 69,270,643 euro

Studies and teaching

  • Students: around 5,000
  • Graduates/year (including postgraduate courses): around 1,000
  • Teachers: around 1,950
  • Courses/academic year: around 2,500
  • Degree programs: Medicine, Dental medicine, nursing, PhD and doctoral studies, postgraduate courses
  • Internationality:
    • Outgoing students/year: around 300
    • Incoming students/year: around 200
    • Incoming observers/year: around 300


  • Academic university staff/researchers: around 1,500
  • Scientific publications/year: around 2,500
  • Clinical trials: around 530
  • Ongoing research projects with external funding: around 440
  • Centers for basic research: 3
  • Preclinical institutes unaffiliated with research centers: 4
  • Nobel laureates: 3

Patient care

  • University departments: 18
  • Divisions: 38
  • Clinical institute: 1
  • Inpatients/year: around 87,400
  • Outpatients/year: around 414,900
  • Beds: around 1,500
  • Day clinics: 7

Press officer

Gerald Auer 
T: +43 316 385 72022

Press officer

Sylvia Gollner 
T: +43 316 385 72014