Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital was started 20 years ago in order to ease children's fears of doctors, hospital visits and clinical examinations in a playful manner. As they accompany their own stuffed animals, the children look over the shoulders of the Teddy Docs and assist in the treatment of their plush patients. Numerous Teddy Docs—motivated Med Uni Graz students—are on duty every year. Teddy Bear Hospital is free to all visitors. The target group is children between the ages of three and six.

AVISO: From May 14 to 16, 2024, the Teddy Bear Hospital will be open to all interested parties from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. No advance reservation is necessary. Kindergartens will be invited separately.

Information for visitors

Checklist for the visit:

  • The Teddy Bear Hospital takes place once a year.
  • The children should bring a stuffed animal from home and think up a "medical history."
  • It is recommended to work out the topic "being ill/doctors/hospital" with the children in advance.
  • An appointment at the Med Uni Graz Teddy Bear Hospital lasts 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Groups from kindergartens or other institutions must register in advance. Registration starts two to three months before the next date. More detailed information will be announced in time.
  • Visitors are responsible for organizing how they get to and from the Teddy Bear Hospital.
Ärztin mit Teddybär

Teddy Docs

Teddy Bear Hospital provides Med Uni Graz students the unique opportunity to uninhibitedly and playfully act out a hospital situation with children. All students who enjoy working with children are welcome. Shortly before the Teddy Bear Hospital takes placel, an introductory lecture is held during which the incoming Teddy Docs receive training on how to act their parts and deal with children. Each Teddy Doc receives instructions with all the important facts. Students of pharmacy, dentistry and nursing sciences are also involved in the implementation of this project.


Teddy Bear Hospital Graz is organized by a team of Med Uni Graz students under the direction of Corinna Hofer. The planning and realization of this project is possible due to the good cooperation between the Med Uni Graz, the AMSA (Austrian Medical Students' Association), the AFÖP (Akademische Fachverein Österreichischer Pharmazeut*innen), the Austrian Red Cross and the ÖH Med Graz. In addition, numerous sponsors and partner organizations gratefully support the Teddy Bear Hospital.

Science Garden

Science Garden approved

Das Teddybär-Krankenhaus ist eines von vielen Erlebnissen im naturwissenschaftlichen Bereich, das Kindern und Jugendlichen auf niederschwellige Art und Weise ermöglicht, Wissenschaft hautnah zu erleben. Weitere Erlebnisse finden sich auf der Website des Science Garden.

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