Gottfried Schatz Forschungszentrum

Four divisions of the Medical University of Graz pool their competencies at the Gottfried Schatz Research Center for Cellular Signaling, Metabolism and Aging. This pooling of existing expertise creates an internationally visible, competitive and cutting-edge research portfolio and helps guarantee research-led teaching and professional training in the individual disciplines.


Michaela Majcenovic 
T: +43 316 385 71976
F: +43 316 385 79615
Strategic Committee

Strategy committee

The strategic planning and coordination of the research centers is conducted by the respective strategy committee. It consists of a maximum of 12 research team leaders who have distinguished themselves through special scientific achievements. The joint strategic staff, room and infrastructure plan aims to promote cooperation within the university and to contribute to its external profile, attracting better competitive third-party funding and tapping potential synergies beyond the research center.