Otto Loewi Forschungszentrum

One of the four main research areas at the Otto Loewi Research Center investigates the healthy and diseased cardiovascular system. Even though it is a vital system, it is not sufficiently understood how endogenous and exogenous factors change cardiovascular physiology. Many factors influence the cardiovascular system. Not only the aging process but also diseases such as diabetes mellitus or pulmonary hypertension have an effect, the latter primarily in connection with chronic lung disease. The cardiovascular system is also affected by space travel and the lack of gravity associated with it, which is another topic of investigation. By deepening our understanding of the cardiovascular system and the factors that influence it, we can identify new ways to prevent negative impacts.

The wide range of methods applied here includes non-invasive tests of vascular function and the analysis of blood biomarkers in connection with endothelial function and blood coagulation in healthy subjects. The studies are also supported by patient specimens, cell and tissue cultures, molecular biological approaches, electrophysiology and disease models.