Otto Loewi Forschungszentrum

The gut is significant for food intake and metabolism as well as the health of the entire organism. This research area is concerned with 5 subject areas: (1) the significance of gut microbiome metabolites as well as endocannabinoids, prostaglandins and gut hormones on inflammatory processes and tumor development in the gut, (2) the role of HDL lipoproteins in inflammatory disease and their interaction with endothelial and immune cells in strengthening the endothelial barrier and clearing bacterial toxins, (3) the significance of the binding and transport function of albumin and its redox state in inflammatory processes, (4) the influence of food quality and gut microbiome on the immune system in connection with eating disorders, lifestyle, body weight and age, and (5) the analysis of microbial, hormonal, immunological and neurobiological factors of disturbed gut-brain communication.