Otto Loewi Forschungszentrum

Research focus: Circulation and vascular research

PI: Pedro Alejandro Sánchez Murcia

Focus: Computer-aided design and engineering for the delivery of proteins with improved properties
Our young research group focuses on the extensive use of post-modern computational chemistry techniques – from classical molecular dynamics to quantum chemistry – for the design of new molecules with relevant biological properties. The obtained virtual candidates will be expressed in our lab using molecular biology techniques and purified with chromatographic methods. We also have always a lot of fun modeling and understanding molecular interactions under biological environments.

Network: The head of the CAMDgraz laboratory, Pedro A. Sánchez-Murcia, joined last autumn the Med Uni Graz. He is in collaboration with the laboratory of coagulation research at the same division (Gerhard Cvirn) with the aim of providing new thrombolytic enzymes to combat coagulopathies. The setting up of the scientific server as well as the fine tuning of the experimental laboratory are moving forward. Talks for cooperation with different groups have started.


Computer-aided design of thrombolytic enzymes

  • in preparation

Division of Medicinal Chemistry

Ass.-Prof. Dr.
Pedro Alejandro Sánchez Murcia 
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